Caravan owners must check ‘one document’ before parking due to little-known rule

Caravan owners could be issued heavy fines and even face a court appearance for parking on their own driveway due to a little-known rule. 

Experts at Ripe Caravan Insurance warn some houses may contain clauses in their deeds which prevent caravans from being parked on a driveway.

According to the specialist, some UK homes come with restrictive covenants with caravans banned. 

It means caravan owners can be taken to court by their own neighbours in a possible blow to keen holidaygoers this autumn and winter. 

Experts have now urged drivers to check their property deeds before assuming it is okay to leave the heavy vehicles wherever they like.

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John Woosey, founder of Ripe Caravan Insurance also urged motorists to read up on any local rules to make sure road users are not “caught out”.

He said: “You can usually get hold of property deeds online via the Land Registry for a minimal fee. 

“You can be given access to the deeds for any property—not just your own—so you can check your neighbour’s deeds, too. 

“This page on the Government website contains more information on how to access property deeds.

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“Caravan parking rules are also sometimes set by local authorities, so read up on the rules specific to wherever you live to ensure that you don’t get caught out.

“Ultimately, despite all the fun and excitement it can bring, owning a touring caravan is a big commitment. 

“One of the many things you need to consider as a caravan owner is how and where to park your caravan when you’re not using it. 

“As a sensible owner, you should consider the impact of your parking on others before picking a spot—just as you would when parking your car.”

Arguments over caravans parking on driveways have soared recently with frustrated Britons determined to take action. 

Searches on Google for “how to complain about my neighbour’s caravan” have soared by a staggering 334 percent over the last three years. 

Ripe Insurance urges frustrated neighbours to try talking to a caravan owner neighbour first to try and alleviate the situation. 

However, for more serious complaints, the local authorities and police can be called into action. 

They added: “Should you wish to take this route, check out the website for your local authority wherever you live, as it will probably have published details of its official complaints procedure. You can also seek advice from places such as Citizens Advice if you’re unsure how to proceed.”

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