Bentley Bentayga gets an A for new 2024 update

Bentley’s high-end luxury SUV range picks up subtle updates for the 2024 model year with a new ‘A’ trim level

Bentley has tweaked its Bentayga range, sharing some of the uprated chassis hardware from the Extended Wheelbase (EWB) to standard models, and introducing the new Bentayga A trim level. Available with either a twin-turbocharged V8 petrol engine or plug-in hybrid V6, this is how it goes for the Bentayga now the W12 flagship is gone. 

The major changes largely concern the standard-wheelbase Bentayga, as it now features the rear-wheel steering system first introduced by the EWB model. It’s fitted as standard on S and Azure models, improving manoeuvrability at low speeds and stability at high speeds. The system works with the Bentayga’s existing chassis tech, such as its sophisticated air suspension and active anti-roll systems, and can be combined with an optional sports exhaust and even carbon ceramic brakes. 

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The new Bentayga A model sits between the base and Azure models, and features the EWB’s vaned grille design and the option of a new 21-inch wheels. Inside, it comes with 15 distinct leather colour options, plus three standard veneers. The full suite of Bentley’s interior and exterior colour range is also available through the extensive options list or the Mulliner personalisation program. 

Available across all Bentayga models are a few new additions to the exterior colour range, including seven new satin finishes. The EWB model, meanwhile, is now able to be fitted with the Styling Specification, which adds a small rear-mounted wing, sill extensions and a extra trim elements around the front and rear bumpers for a sportier look. 

Inside, Bentley’s also reworked the air-conditioning system to include more substantial cabin air filtering, with a new automatic particulate monitoring system that will automatically recirculate air within the cabin if external pollution levels are too high. The system is fed data from the navigation system, pre-engaging it when entering tunnels where pollutants are generally higher. 

Sales for the updated Bentayga have already commenced, with prices starting at just over £160,000 and extending all the way up to around £215,000 for a fully-loaded EWB Mulliner.

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