Audi Teases "Something Special" For Outgoing R8 On September 12

Audi claims it has “something special planned” on Instagram (see post below). According to the automaker, “It’s the R8’s Last Lap.” The debut of whatever the brand is teasing is on September 12 at 9:00 AM Eastern.

The images show an R8 in camouflage featuring a blocky pattern of red, black, and silver rectangles. A small Audi-Sport-branded wing is on the back. From what the automaker is showing, this model doesn’t look significantly different from the existing version of the supercar.

Gallery: Audi Teases “Something Special” For Outgoing R8 On September 12

Audi makes no secret about retiring the R8 for the 2024 model year in the United States. It even created the $251,395 Audi R8 GT that the brand decided to bring just 150 units into the US.

This Instagram post suggests there might be a few even more exclusive vehicles. Although, no specific details are available yet. Editor-in-Chief Seyth Miersma did a Last Drive Review of the R8 in August. He told the story of his first time driving the original generation and transitioned that into being behind the wheel of the latest one.

“The subtle steering, palpitating V10 soundtrack, and crazy grip of this send-off car all track with my fond memories of R8s past. And of course my smile after getting out of the car, 1.5 laps and half a career after that first ride, was as big as ever,” Miersma wrote in that story.

The R8’s future is very uncertain. There are rumors about Audi developing an electric version. However, the new model might have a completely different appearance. It could share a platform with the 718 Boxster’s upcoming EV replacement.

Unlike the previous generations of the R8, Lamborghini plans to make the Huracan successor its own product with no relation to the Audi counterpart. Lambo is making so much money from the Urus that it doesn’t have to share parts with the German automaker for the upcoming supercar.

See what it’s like to drive the Audi R8 with Le Mans-winner Tom Kristensen:

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