Audi E-Tron GT facelift spied for the first time as brand preps for a big 2024

Flagship E-Tron GT to be freshened up before Audi’s new generation EVs arrive next year

The sleek Audi E-Tron GT is being readied for a mid-life update, giving the high-end EV a boost of appeal as part of what will be a very busy 2024 for Audi. Based closely on the Porsche Taycan, which will also receive a mid-life update next year, we suspect the new E-Tron GT will include some key tech upgrades around the powertrain and batteries, as well as a new look on the outside. 

Both Audi (and Porsche) are being tight-lipped about potential updates to the powertrain, but given the speed of battery and EV powertrain development we’d expect the E-Tron GT to feature some improvements to both range and performance, building on its impressive 800V electronic architecture. 

The current E-Tron GT features a 93.4kWh battery pack with the base and RS models producing either 530bhp and 640bhp from their twin-motor setups. Porsche has been spied putting together what could be a new range-topping triple-motor variant, but whether Audi will be preparing a similar super-high performance model is still yet to be determined. 

What we can see from the spy images, however, is that the updated E-Tron GT will feature a new front bumper, with larger air intakes on either side of the now solid single-frame grille. This prototype is also wearing a new and much more open wheel design, with the large carbon ceramic brakes fitted to this example signalling it’s a high-spec RS version. 

There are changes due around the back too, with this prototype's rear bumper wearing more design-concealing cladding. We also spotted a second E-Tron GT prototype wearing smaller wheels and tyres, this is likely to be the entry-level model, suggesting that the updated range will likely retain a two-tier line up. 

We expect there to be some specification and material changes inside the cabin, even though it is still unknown whether Audi will decide to upsize the relatively small infotainment screen of the current car. We’ll learn more about the next generation E-Tron GT early next year, leading up to a very busy 2024 for the German brand with the new Q6 E-tron being finalised for production alongside its A6 E-Tron sibling that will follow soon after.

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