All drivers must press these simple buttons today after big change

Daylight saving time: Why are the clocks changed twice a year?

All UK motorists will need to press this button today to avoid confusion when out on the roads. 

The clocks changed on Sunday morning at 2am with Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) now taking effect. 

The twice-per-year time change means those widespread clock changes in the house must be repeated in any vehicle.

Clocks can be adjusted on road cars by pressing a series of simple buttons usually located on the touchscreen infotainment system. 

Earlier in the weekend, Sam, a spokesperson for car dealership experts at the Swansway Motor Group admitted changing the time could not be easier.

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Speaking on the group’s YouTube channel, he said: “It’s important you know how to change your time within your car. So I’m going to quickly run you through it as it can be a very confusing process for many, 

“For reference purposes, I’m currently sat in an Audi Q5. But it’s a very similar model for many makes and models. 

“You need to find your settings menu and then hit general. From there you’ll be displayed with lots of different options but you need to find date and time. 

“Select this and then you can select the date, the time, the date format and you can simply scroll up and down and move an hour forward or an hour back and also select the minutes.”

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Experts at Snows SEAT Southampton have also revealed how their owners can change the time and date in less than 30 seconds. 

Speaking on a Facebook video uploaded to social media, spokesperson Tim explained: “For those wondering how to update the time on your vehicles, here’s a quick short video of how to do it. 

“If you select the three little lions at the bottom, select it again and then you’re just going to slide to the left and there’s a settings option. 

“Time and date and very simply just select the little button down the button, that’s how to correct the time on the vehicle.”

However, experts have warned some vehicles may have automatically updated the time last night. 

Therefore, it is vital road users double-check before moving clocks back by an hour. 

Sam at Swansway Group added: “But with this Audi and lots of different makes you can also have an automatic mode. So if you select that the car will automatically change the time whether you’ve lost an hour or gained an hour so you don’t have to.”

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