Adesa Rebrands to OPENLANE in Europe

The company is bringing together all of its sellers, buyers, and vehicles under on the European continent and under in the U.K.


Adesa Europe, a subsidiary of OPENLANE, is rebranding to OPENLANE Europe following a consolidation of digital marketplaces earlier this year.

In May 2023, OPENLANE Europe’s parent company in North America combined both the parent company brand and its digital marketplace brands in the U.S., Canada and Europe under a single brand, Openlane.

“Our vision is to build the world’s greatest digital marketplace for used vehicles, and we are advancing that vision by bringing together all of our sellers, buyers and vehicles under on the European continent and under in the UK,” says Grainne van Berkum, president of the European entity since early November 2023, in a news release. “By leveraging the power of a global brand, we can accelerate innovation and improve the overall customer experience.”

The OPENLANE rebranding expresses the company’s commitment to easing the buying and selling of used cars to help customers.

“In Europe, we are providing a secure one-stop-shop experience with best-in-class cross-border services and real-time delivery options,” Grainne said. “Our large and growing logistics network across the European continent and the U.K. ensures customers can benefit from seamless transactions and efficient distribution.”

The company is also expanding its domestic sales network of local dealers using OPENLANE. “This modular dealer platform is designed to help dealers revolutionize their car sales experience through a range of flexible modules which put them in control of every transaction,” she added.

In 2022, the OPENLANE marketplaces sold about 1.3 million vehicles, with a gross merchandise value of over $23 billion, across a growing network of franchise and independent dealers, OEMs, financial institutions, rental and recovery companies and fleet operators.


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