2025 Lucid Gravity Will Debut At LA Auto Show, Production Begins Late 2024

September 20, 2020. That’s when Lucid announced an SUV was on the way, and it would be called Gravity. Much has happened in the world since then â€“ emphasis on the word much – but precious little has percolated from Lucid with regards to the Gravity. Until now, that is.

Fresh off the social media teaser train is a snap announcement from the California-based EV brand. Save the date for November 16, because that’s when Gravity “makes contact,” just in time for the Los Angeles Auto Show.

What else do we know about the Lucid Gravity? The teaser post confirms production will begin in late 2024, so there’s still quite some time before folks will have a go behind the wheel. The last time we heard from Lucid, a reveal in 2023 with production for 2024 was all we had, so there’s at least some narrowing of the timeframe at this point.

As for the teaser photo, we aren’t privy to anything we haven’t seen already. A slim horizontal taillight is nestled into a wide rear gate with a distinctly narrower greenhouse above. A teaser video released in April 2023 offered a reasonably clear view of the electric SUV, and by that, we mean some crisp angles at the front and rear of a prototype in action. We were denied a clear look at the Gravity in profile, though the video did offer a far-off perspective. So while we haven’t definitively seen it from all sides, we’ve seen enough to know there’s certainly a family resemblance to the Air.

Gallery: Lucid Gravity

Inside, Lucid is planning a configurable people mover with either two-row or three-row seating. There will be space for up to seven people, and being Lucid, extreme performance is also part of the package. Presumably, we will learn more about the mechanicals next month, but to this point, Lucid has promised a supercar experience behind the wheel. Considering the Air is among the quickest-accelerating production vehicles in the world, there’s little reason to doubt the Gravity will follow suit. Outside of sheer performance, Lucid also promises segment-leading range and efficiency.

The 2023 LA Auto Show opens to the public on November 17, but look for all the information on the Gravity to drop a day before during media days.

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