2025 Audi A7 Avant spied for the first time

The A6 Avant is about to become an A7 as Audi’s next generation of ICE cars prepare for launch

The new Audi A7 Avant has been spied testing on the road for the first time, revealing the new executive estate’s sleek proportions. Due to replace the existing A6 Avant as part of the brand’s restructured naming strategy, this Avant model will join a corresponding A7 Sportback in 2025 with a range of hybrid-assisted engines. 

Clear from these images is that the new A7 Avant will take lots of design inspiration from the A5 Avant that’s only a few months from its own reveal. The two share similarly shaped front grilles and headlights, although the latter are slightly larger and more angular. As is also clear on the new A5, the era of hidden shutlines and clamshell bonnets is now long gone, with the front grille and headlights now sitting below the leading edge of the bonnet. 

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The new A7’s profile is defined by its sloping roofline and tapering cabin, giving it much more of a stylised design than is typically applied to rivals like the Mercedes-Benz E-Class estate. This suggests styling has been given priority over outright interior space. The side bodywork surfacing is due to be much smoother than Audi’s design language, with fewer creases and more emphasis on looking wide and aggressive. 

At the rear, the camouflage fails to hide the large rear lights that incorporate a full-width lightbar. Taking obvious inspiration from the E-Tron GT and Q8 E-Tron, the brake lights themselves are situated in a darkened lower section on either side of the tailgate, and don’t appear to be quite so three-dimensional as the A5 Avant’s units that sit proud of the tailgate at their top edge. 

We don’t have any indication about the interior from these images, but it should feature Audi’s new generation of digital interfaces. This means the end of Audi’s twin-screen MMI system as found on the current A6/7 models, instead likely taking more inspiration from the latest Q6 E-Tron’s interior. 

Under the bonnet, Audi’s expected to incorporate a new generation of hybrid and plug-in hybrid powertrain options, with the latter offering more all-electric range due to larger battery packs. An S7 Avant is likely on the cards, but a definite is the forthcoming RS7 Avant which will adopt an ultra high performance plug-in hybrid system, plus a more defined and aggressive design with bespoke bodywork. 

Despite the name change, the A7 Avant will rival the Mercedes E-Class Estate and BMW’s forthcoming 5-series Touring. This will be joined by a new A6 E-Tron in Sportback and Avant forms, giving Audi combustion, hybrid and all-electric options in the executive segment. 

Audi might have had a quite couple of years, but 2024 will see the beginning of a product revitalisation. Ready for launch are the all-new A5, Q5 and Q3, joining an updated A3 in its combustion range. This will be joined by the new A6 and Q6 E-Trons in its now rapidly expanding range of EVs, as well as an updated E-Tron GT. This A7, in both Sportback and Avant forms, is expected to follow in 2025 by which time the Audi range will look very different from the one we know today.

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