Malaysian racer Hattem's death occured at a non-sanctioned drag race event –

A statement from the Motorsports Association of Malaysia (MAM) confirms the Drag Bike National ET Record Championship 2023 Road Tour is a non-sanctioned race event. Expressing regret and condolences to the family over the death of motorcycle drag racer Hattem Rashdi, MAM said the event held in Pekan, Pahang, did not receive any form of sanction.

Reiterating that motorsports is dangerous, organisers of motorsports events in Malaysia are reminded safety regulations and protocol should be followed at all times. Motorsports events sanctioned by MAM follow FIA and FIM guidelines as well as National Competition Rules (NCR) with clear instructions to event organisers.

This includes circuit preparation for safety, marshals and race officials, medical teams and insurance coverage for racers, spectators, officials and organisers. Additionally, the Ministry of Youth and Sport, police, the Malaysian Sports Commissioner and MAM are in discussion to streamline and expedite the administration and regulations regarding motorsports events in Malaysia.

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