Revolt RV 400 Electric Motorcycle Pre-Bookings Open On Amazon

Revolt Intellicorp Private Limited has announced pre-bookings for the company’s first electric motorcycle, the Revolt RV400 on Amazon. With this partnership, Revolt has become the first motorcycle brand to be available for pre-booking on an e-commerce platform. Revolt Intellicorp’s RV 400 electric motorcycle is available for pre-bookings for ₹ 1,000 on Amazon. The Revolt RV 400 was unveiled for the first time on June 18, and is described by the company as India’s first AI-enabled motorcycle. Pre-bookings have already begun on for Delhi and Pune, and from July 5, 2019 on Amazon. According to Revolt Intellicorp, so far, there have been more than 2,000 pre-orders for the Revolt RV 400.

“We believe there is a lot of opportunity that exists in the online retail space that has been untouched. Following the recent e-revolution that has just begun, we wanted to go beyond traditional retail and widen the width of our distribution. The look of the motorcycle has created a lot of excitement, particularly with the Generation (wh)Y. In yet another disruption, Revolt Intellicorp is happy to partner with Amazon India, the perfect platform to reach our consumers. However, we also understand that the day of vehicle delivery is an important tradition in India, so when it is time for us to deliver, our customers will be in for a big surprise,” said Shubhodip Pal, Chief Marketing and Business Development Officer, Revolt Intellicorp Private Limited.

The Revolt RV400 has a handsome design with LED lighting, upside down front forks, alloy wheels and sculpted bodywork

“We are excited to partner with Revolt Intellicorp to bring their new AI enabled motorcycle RV 400 for our customers on Smart mobility solutions are the future of automotive technology and this partnership allows us to bring them closer to our customers across the country,” said Shalini Puchalapalli, Director – Category Management, Amazon India.

Owners can choose synthesised sounds for the Revolt RV400 on the Revolt App as well as design customised sounds

The Revolt RV 400, India’s first motorcycle enabled with artificial intelligence, will be available in two colours – Rebel Red and Cosmic Black. The RV 400 has a claimed range of 156 km and is powered by the Revolt App, which is available on both Android and iOS platforms. While the exact specifications will be announced when the RV 400 is officially launched, it still has several unique connectivity features on the Revolt App such as bike locator, door-step battery delivery, mobile swap stations, anti-theft measures, sound selection and preview and many other features. The complete specifications and features will be announced when the RV 400 is formally launched, sometime later this month.

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