Is Goodyear's New High-Performance Tyre Better than Michelin's?

Recommending an ultra-high performance tyre has been pretty easy lately. If your budget can stretch far enough and they’re available in the right size, you’d be daft not to go for Michelin’s Pilot Sport 4 S – it’s incredible in the wet and super grippy in the dry, to the point where it’s probably not worth bothering with a Sport Cup 2 unless you’re an especially hardcore track day addict.

However, arch-rival Goodyear has been busy cooking up an answer to the PS4 S, in the form of the Eagle F1 Supersport. Jonathan Benson of Tyre Reviews has already done extensive track testing with the new boots, and now, he’s used a BMW M2 (with an, erm, subtle wrap) to get some real-world impressions and comparisons to the Michelin.

Is Goodyear's New High-Performance Tyre Better than Michelin's? - DIY

So, which is better? Well, from a technical standpoint, the Michelins. But only just. But Benson prefers the Goodyears. It’s complicated because the tyres are unbelievably close – watch through the whole video for full insight.

The main takeaway is that you’ll find it extremely hard to pick fault with either, so you could make your choice based purely on availability, pricing or even which sidewall you prefer the look of. Tyres are pretty incredible these days, aren’t they?

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