Ford F-150 Hybrid Powers House’s Space Heater And Lamp As Neighborhood Goes Dark

Finally an F-150 that tow a house and power one too.

Power always seems to go out at the worst possible moments. Luckily if you’re the owner of a 2021 Ford F-150 that is fitted with the optional onboard generator, blackouts are a thing of the past. Ford F-150 Hybrid owners and those who spec’d out the optional generator, your truck is always ready to power you’re home during unexpected power outages.

Youtuber Pickup Truck and SUV Talk faced a dire situation when his power went out unexpectedly. Luckily, he had a brand-new Ford F-150 Powerboost Hybrid sitting in his driveway with a tank full of gas. After running an extension cord into his home power was flowing and disaster averted.

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In stock form, the hybrid F-150 comes with a generator that puts out 2.4-Kilowatts of power with an optional 7.2-Kilowatt system available also. On standard gas-powered F-150s owners can option out a 2.0-Kilowatt generator which is more than enough to power a refrigerator or small heater.   This power output is on par or better than most stand-alone generators while being integrated into a truck that can be easily driven anywhere. This also means there is not a separate generator you need to store and maintain for off chances when you lose power.

The price of a quality generator with similar output for the optional 2.0-Kilowatt generator found on gas F-150s will actually cost you slightly more than Ford’s charge of $995. To find a generator capable of matching the optional 7.2- Kilowatt generator on the hybrid F-150 would cost more than triple Ford’s fee of only $750.

When you consider the versatility of an onboard generator that is priced competitively against stand-alone units, the F-150’s unique onboard power feature really shines. Now F-150 owners can simply start up their trucks and plug-in via household electronics.


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