CES 2020: Sony Vision S Electric Car Concept Breaks Cover

Sony is one of the biggest electronics giant on the planet, with gadgets ranging from smartphones, cameras, speakers, earphones, tablets, laptops and what not. It always had a solid presence at the Consumers Electronics Show and this year, the Japanese company showcased an electric car concept called the Sony Vision S, which definitely comes as a surprise. The Sony Vision S is an electric sedan and serves as a platform to showcase Sony’s expertise in multiple electronics verticals. The Sony Vision S is basically an effort to highlight Sony’s venture into mobility.

(The cabin of the Sony Vision S will have a gadget overload)

The Vision S concept car features Sony’s imaging and sensing technologies along with artificial intelligence telecommunication and cloud technology. There are a total of 33 sensors in the Sony Vision S concept car which include CMOS image sensors and ToF sensors which can recognise and detect people and objects in and around the car. The idea is also to provide driving support in form of autonomous driving ability. The car also gets Sony’s 360 Reality Audio system which offers an immersive listening experience through speakers built into each seat. The seats upfront also have a panoramic screen with an intuitive user interface.

(The electric car platform for the Sony Vision S has been supplied by Magna, an automotive supplier)

Some of the technology has come from other major electronics players such as Blackberry and Bosch. The electric car platform comes from ‘Magna’ which is an automotive supplier. Sony says that the EV platform can be used to make a variety of vehicle types such as sedans and SUVs. So far, Sony has not given any details on the technical specifications of the car.

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