Video: Max Verstappen spotted touching Lewis Hamilton's Mercedes after qualy

A video circulating on social media appears to show Max Verstappen touching the rear wing of Lewis Hamilton’s Mercedes.

The video shows Verstappen climbing out of his car in parc ferme, checking his own rear wing flaps before moving over to the car of his title rival and seemingly comparing the two.

Mercedes remain under investigation by the FIA having been accused of contravening rules surrounding how far rear wings are allowed to open, with an 85mm limit – which the stewards believe Mercedes exceeded during qualifying for the Sao Paulo Grand Prix on Hamilton’s car.

You can see the clip of Verstappen by watching below:

Inspector Max checking out Hamilton's rear wing after qualifying 🕵️‍♂️ #BrazilGP #F1

[🎥 @frd182]

— PlanetF1 (@Planet_F1) November 12, 2021

Such an infringement would usually result in disqualification from the session, but almost three hours after Mercedes had been asked to report to the stewards, they adjourned the case against them until Saturday morning as the FIA required more evidence to be able to reach an informed verdict.

Whether or not Mercedes have grounds to appeal against any accusation remains to be seen, but if Verstappen is found to have touched another car under parc ferme conditions, he can expect a punishment of his own, as this is strictly forbidden.

This could also form a part of Mercedes’ defence, as they could have reason to claim that the Red Bull driver tampered with their car – especially pertinent, considering the area he appeared to touch is the one under investigation by the FIA.


Hamilton had been due to start sprint qualifying from first on the grid, but the outcome of the verdict will determine where he will begin on Saturday.

Sebastian Vettel has been given the light-hearted nickname ‘Inspector Seb’ in recent years after plenty of photos and videos have emerged of him looking at other cars to see where his own can be improved, but he has stopped short of touching a rival car.



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