This 420kg Beast Is One Of The Strangest Modern Racing Cars You'll Ever See

Racing cars are all about function over form, but often, it just so happens that aerodynamic purposefulness results in something decent looking. The cars you see here, on the other hand, are rather peculiar to the eye on first inspection.

The red one is a BRC (Bango Racing Cars) BR53, while the other is a Silver Car EF10. The BRC is arguably the stranger of the two, with a bulbous cockpit towering above some low-slung bodywork which is reminiscent of what you might find on something like a Radical.

Image via Bango Racing Cars

Its curious looks are moot, as it has the attributes that matter for a car built to compete – the BR53 is light, powerful and extremely capable. It features a nine-piece fibreglass body cladding a steel space frame structure, making for a car that weighs a piffling 420kg.

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Like the Silver Car EF10, which also comes from a Spanish company, the BR53 draws power from a turbocharged Suzuki inline-four motorbike engine. The result is around 420bhp, making for a 1:1 power to weight ratio. Suspension is of the inboard variety, and at each corner is a tiny 13-inch wheel wearing a slick tyre.

This 420kg Beast Is One Of The Strangest Modern Racing Cars You'll Ever See - Motorsport

As seen in this new video from YouTuber 19Bozzy92 featuring footage shot a few years ago at the FIA Hillclimb Masters race in Gubbio, Italy, both the BRC and the Silver Car are each enormously fast in the right hands.

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