Ralf Schumacher: Max Verstappen ‘deserves’ 2021 title

Ralf Schumacher feels that Max Verstappen deserves to win the title this season, and hopes that he does so.

For the first time in his Formula 1 career, Verstappen is in with a real chance of becoming his nation’s first-ever World Champion, locked in a tight fight with Lewis Hamilton.

That’s largely due to the fact that he has machinery that is stronger than anything he has had before, with the Red Bull arguably the fastest car on the grid. That being said, in the same car, Sergio Perez is a long way off the Dutchman.

Schumacher is impressed by just how dominant he is in that regard and is enjoying the battle he is having with Hamilton, which he expects to involve more incidents like the one at the British Grand Prix.

“First of all, it’s great that Mercedes is no longer dominating the whole thing,” the German told the Dutch edition of Motorsport.

“I have to say that Max is doing a great job as an individual, just look at the difference with his team-mate. Somehow, he can get more out of that Red Bull than others, also compared to Perez.

“I love the battle with Hamilton, although from Silverstone on it is really going hard against hard. I’m also pretty sure that crash was definitely not the last time they [will] hit each other this season.”

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While he has a better car, it’s fair to say that Verstappen has also been driving excellently this season, making no major mistakes thus far.

That hasn’t been the case in previous seasons, and because of that development, Schumacher would like to see the Red Bull man prevail and feels he deserves to.

“As far as I am concerned, the best driver should take the title, although it is fair to say that this year they both have a claim to it,” he added.

“But on a personal level I would like to see Max take the title. That would be something different for once and he really deserves it in my opinion.

“Max has grown enormously. In his first years he wanted too much, he pushed the car too hard and was quite aggressive at times. Now we see a completely different Max Verstappen and one that I enjoy immensely as an analyst.

“In that respect I would like to see him take the title.”


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