No plans for Max Verstappen to take grid penalty at Monza

Max Verstappen says that he and his aren’t planning on changing his engine and taking a grid penalty at the Italian Grand Prix.

Red Bull headed into the second half of the season knowing that they’d have to change the engines on both cars and thus likely pick up grid penalties at some point with both drivers having their power units damaged in collisions with Mercedes prior to the summer break.

Sergio Perez got his change and subsequent penalty out of the way at the Dutch Grand Prix after qualifying down in P16 anyway, but Verstappen has yet to do so.

The team have yet to decide when he will, and despite Monza being one of the easier circuits to fight your way up the order at, don’t intend on making the change there.

“I mean we haven’t really decided yet where to take it,” the Dutchman told reporters in Italy.

“This engine is still very new so we’ll see. It’s definitely not the plan to take it here.”

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Given the importance of straight-line speed at the circuit, Red Bull haven’t won the Italian Grand Prix since 2013, with Mercedes being hugely dominant there.

2021 has been the team’s best year since then though, with them generally having a quicker car than their German rivals.

Despite that, Verstappen is unsure whether he’ll be able to take the fight to Lewis Hamilton and co or not.

“For sure compared to previous years but I’m not sure if it’s gonna be enough to fight them [Mercedes]”, he added.

“But nevertheless this weekend again, with sprint qualifying it is going to be very different. So I hope that we did our homework before coming here and we can be very competitive.

“But it’s a bit difficult to say where we will stand. I definitely don’t expect it to be like Zandvoort.”

It has recently been confirmed that Verstappen’s former team-mate Alex Albon, will be returning to the grid next year, driving for Williams.

While the Thai driver was unable to get near his level during their time together at Red Bull, the Dutchman still rates him highly and is happy he’s coming back to the sport.

“I’m very happy with Alex coming back into Formula 1,” he said.

“He’s a great guy, he’s a hard worker, and he definitely deserves a spot in Formula 1.

“He has a lot of talent. I’m also very sure that he will come back strong and will show good results.”


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