Nico Rosberg doesn't want to upset people

Nico Rosberg has said he will change his tone after being branded as the “new Jacques Villeneuve” and “irrelevant” for his recent comments.

The 2016 World Champion told his YouTube followers that he would “try and change my tone a little bit” after both Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton reacted negatively to his criticisms.

The German claimed Verstappen was back to his old tricks after a first-lap collision in Belgium, leading the Red Bull man to brand him as F1’s new Jacques Villeneuve, otherwise known as rent-a-quote.

Hamilton saw the funny side of the jibe, with the relationship between Verstappen and Rosberg already soured earlier in the season after the latter called Verstappen a “narcissist”.

Rosberg’s former Mercedes team-mate Hamilton also got in on the action, calling Rosberg “irrelevant“.

However, the German said that when he was competing in Formula 1, criticism from ex-drivers was something that irritated him and so he will work on the way he speaks about his former colleagues to avoid causing conflict in the future.

“When I was still active one of the things I hated most was ex-drivers or journalists telling me about comments that ex-drivers made about me, which came across in a critical way,” Rosberg explained as quoted by

“In my case it was often David Coulthard. It would drive me nuts, seriously it was horrible.

“So now we have the situation that journalists have been relaying some of my stuff, or some comments I said that were negative, to Lewis or even Max…you can imagine journalists must have annoyed him pretty much if he Insta stories about me.

“So I need to make a little bit of a change there because I don’t want (to upset) those guys, my ex-colleagues, whom I respect a lot.”

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