Michael Schumacher\u2019s Wife \u2018Does Not Blame God\u2019 for 7-Time F1 Champ\u2019s Plight

Michael Schumacher is different in the wake of his brain injuries sustained in a skiing accident in late 2013, his wife Corinna is now saying.

Excerpts of some of the German-language sections of the new official Netflix documentary about the F1 legend have emerged in the media, including in the German media outlet Kolner Express newspaper.

“I have never blamed God for what happened,” seven-time world champion Schumacher’s 52-year-old wife reportedly said. “It was just really bad luck. You can’t have more bad luck in life. We live together at home, we treat him, we do everything so that Michael is better and doing well and that he feels our family solidarity.

“But it’s very clear that I miss Michael every day, and not just me—the children, the family, his father, everyone around him. Everyone misses Michael. But Michael is there. Different, but he is there and that gives us all strength.”

Schumacher was with his son Mick when he had the fateful skiing crash in the French Alps while on holiday in December of 2013. Mick had since entered Formula 1 with Haas.

Mick admits it feels unfair to have been deprived of fully enjoying the key milestones in his life with his father—like making his F1 debut this year.

“I think we would now understand each other in a different way simply because we would speak a similar language—that of racing. We would have so many things to talk about,” Schumacher, 22, said. “That’s a thought that is in my head a lot, because if it were possible it would be wonderful. I would give up everything to be able to do that.”

As for Corinna, she vows to keep on fighting.

“It is important that he can continue to enjoy his private life as much as he can. Michael has always protected us, now we protect Michael,” Corinna said.

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