Ferrari asks for inquiry into Sebastian Vettel's race-changing 5-second penalty in Canada

Ferrari driver Sebastian Vettel moves the sign to show who he thinks was the rightful winner in Canada.

Ferrari is requesting a review of the penalty that cost Sebastian Vettel a Formula victory at the F1 Canadian Grand Prix on June 16.

Ferrari earlier dropped its intention to appeal the controversial stewards’ decision – a five-second penalty for dangerous driving — instead deciding to pursue another path.

“We have the right to request a review,” a Ferrari spokeswoman said.

It is believed the process now will involve the FIA asking the stewards at Paul Ricard to make a decision based on new evidence provided by Ferrari. Pirelli CEO Marco Tronchetti Provera told Italian radio Rai: “The penalty is up to those responsible. But as a Formula 1 fan in front of the television, I asked myself ‘Where should Vettel have gone?’ The path he took back to the circuit seemed to me to be the only one.”

F1 CEO Chase Carey, however, defended the FIA’s race stewards.

“The fans are the reason we race,” he told Austrian television Servus TV. “On the other hand, we need the expertise of professionals to make the necessary decisions.”

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