F1 drivers set for ‘amazing’ 5G flat-out sequence at Mugello

Formula 1 drivers can be expected to pull 5G through Mugello’s quickest and most challenging corner sequence, reckons former Ferrari F1 driver Giancarlo Fisichella.

In an exclusive video for Motorsport.com, Fisichella reckons the double right-hander sequence called Arrabbiata 1 and Arrabbiata 2 will be flat out in qualifying – and deliver a cornering sensation not seen very often on the calendar.

“The most exciting and difficult part of the circuit, Arrabbiata 1 and Arrabbiata 2 is going to be flat in a qualifying session at over 260/270km/h,” said Fisichella in the video which shows an onboard lap of the Mugello track. “Amazing.”

Looking at the car data telemetry from the lap, Fisichella said that drivers will face incredible forces there – well up on what he experienced driving the old Ferrari F1 car.

“The lateral G is over four, but I think in a qualifying session it will be even over five, which is incredible,” said the Italian.

“And the speed at the moment here is 244/245km/h, but, as I told you, it is going to be over 270km/h in a qualifying session.”

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