Wild Manthey Kit launched for Cayman GT4 RS

Downforce almost doubled and 'ring lap slashed with a little help from Manthey Racing

By Matt Bird / Thursday, 13 July 2023 / Loading comments

It was clear from the first UK road drive that the 718 Cayman GT4 RS was an unashamed track car. It could tolerate use on the public highway, but perhaps more than any comparable Porsche its demeanour almost demanded circuit use. So it should come as no surprise at all to find there’s now a Manthey Kit for the 500hp 718, making the most of its ability on track in a similar fashion to those upgrades seen for recent GT3s.

The big news is a six-second improvement in the car’s Nordschleife lap time, which feels pretty significant with the same amount of power and identical Michelin Cup 2R tyres as before. (The improvement was four seconds for the GT3.) It also means a Porsche Cayman with an officially recognised lap of 7:03.121, which is madness. Remember the furore around a 918 Spyder going 6:57? That was only a decade ago. Porsche says the upgrade package ‘was developed in Meuspath especially for track days and in close collaboration between engineers at Porsche Motorsport and the Nordschleife specialists at Manthey.’

Aero understandably plays a bit part in the performance improvement, with an 85mm wider rear wing (that also has larger endplates), as well as a new carbon underbody, wheelarch Gurney flap and air curtain up front. Manthey has even go so far as reinforcing the rear engine cover ‘to be able to withstand the higher aerodynamic forces’ and, in what’s becoming its signature touch, fitted the rear aerodiscs to reduce turbulence. The important number from these changes is 169kg; that’s the total downforce claimed for a Manthey-modified car at 124mph, whereas it’s 89kg in a standard car.

As if any further proof were required of the intent of the Manthey Kit, this GT4 RS has spring rates 20 per cent stiffer at the front than normal – a car famous for its unapologetic nature. In addition, the new coilover set-up can be adjusted in compression, rebound and four sprint strut settings without tools, which will be music to the ears of those who simply must fettle (or should that be fiddle?) in a pitlane. Those with a nose lift will be doubly pleased, moreover, as there’s a version of the kit for cars equipped with it. The package is rounded off by uprated steel brake lines for ‘an exact pressure point’, while those really keen to get the most from the ceramic discs can pay more to get racing pads.

Speaking of which, there a few cosmetic bits that can be added while getting the Manthey goodness for a GT4 – Porsche’s majority ownership was always going to have an influence somewhere. So there are Manthey-branded illuminated door sills available, as well as towing loops and wheel arch vents just like a Weissach Packed car. What might actually be of interest to buyers is a CFRP rear spoiler attachment, adding a further four per cent of rear axle downforce.

The end result is predictably pretty nuts, the composure and stability shown by a humble Cayman in the Nordschleife’s fastest (and scariest) bits really something to behold. Of course, the ordinary GT4 RS is hardly bad in this regard, but the Manthey Kit makes it even better still – and who doesn’t want better? Especially when it’s easy to get: this will be sold by Porsche Centres, with a European launch scheduled for December. Expect a price on the Tequipment website very soon. Means a few more months to get hold of one, too…

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