Why I recommend staying away from buying a Volkswagen Taigun SUV

I have been a proud VW Polo owner for almost 8 years and it was disappointing to see the QC done with Taigun.

BHPian champrock recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Bought New Volkswagen Taigun GT Plus 1.5 TSI DSG with ventilated seats (Red colour) on month back. Just finished 1000 km on the new car

What I liked:

  • Really seamless pickup that is expected from a German make-car
  • Elegant (not too flashy exteriors/interiors)
  • Perfect for city riding – the car can effortlessly speed up without any noticeable lag
  • Extremely smooth and comfortable ride – went on a ~500km long outstation trip on one of the newly opened expressways.

What I hated: (and this is the main reason for posting this thread)

  • Car fails to start – Car has failed to start two times since I bought it (once in my basement parking lot and the other time on the road randomly). Had to get it towed to the service centre using VW roadside assistance (the roadside assistance service is awesome. Did not face any issues in using them. The towing vehicle comes within ~1 hour of requesting).
  • Both times, after pressing the “start/stop” button, the engine simply fails to start. The electronic dashboard does not show any issues. No warning signal, simply nothing. The speedometer starts showing speed as 0km/hr as if just pressing the accelerator will get the car going).

Attaching a video of what exactly happened.

Service centre response:

TPMS issue: TPMS failed to give any warning despite driving the car unintentionally on an almost flat tyre for at least ~1 km.

AC Noise: There is a strange hissing sound which is audible at low/cruising speed that comes only when the AC is on. I was told by the service centre that it is how it was designed and I am supposed to believe that it is “normal”. An informal conversation later revealed that it is an issue with all the Taigun cars and there is no way to rectify it.

Driver side window: Drive side window behaves erratically and does not close as expected. It is also a known issue with all the Taiguns and the service centre has been waiting for a software fix for this for the last ~6 months at least.

I am very concerned about issue #1 as it means I have not been able to use my car as a primary car till now. It can stop anytime on the road and that does not inspire confidence at all.

I have been a proud VW Polo owner for almost 8 years and it was disappointing to see the QC done with Taigun. Maybe my model is an outlier but given the experience I would recommend everyone to stay away from VW till such issues are fixed.

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