Why I felt a Honda CB350RS is a better buy instead of a Royal Enfield

I test-rode the RE Hunter & the Honda CB350 back-to-back and immediately felt the difference between them.

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As a current owner of the CB350RS, I went through the same dilemma.

Test rode all the Royal Enfields and they were good. I loved the interceptor and its raw power and smooth engine. But a couple of my friends have the RE650s and they warned me of the high maintenance cost and the lack of proper after-sales support. It’s almost as expensive as a diesel swift to ride around.

I liked the Classic 350 but it was too expensive for what it was, especially the nice colours. And then the Hunter came out. I test-rode the Hunter and it was such a fun small bike. It had enough power great sound and a lot of. But the suspension was a bit stiff and the small size didn’t suit me much.

Immediately after I test-rode the hunter I jumped onto the CB350 as the BigWing showroom is next to the RE showroom. Then I felt the difference. The brakes here were miles better, the clutch was lighter, the suspension was better, better infotainment, more stable and a bit more refined engine. It was better than the RE350s in every way except for the tall gearing in the Honda’s.

A couple of months later I brought home an Athletic Blue Metallic CB350RS and I love it. It’s very easy to ride in the city, gives good mileage if ridden calmly, sounds great and looks amazing. Now the CB350 highness is a lot more comfortable and has more features but the way RS looked with its stubby tail and fat tyres just made my heart melt.

CB350 is a good choice. It’s easy to ride around and should be a relatively hassle-free experience. Anyway, just teat ride both of them and make a decision. You can’t go wrong with either of them.

Leaving you with some pictures of my RS.

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