Why I decided to exchange my Honda CBR250R with a Suzuki V-Strom 250

The Gixxer or Gixxer SF may be a better alternative, but both of these bikes don’t have the combination of the higher upright seating position and suspension setup which the V-Strom has.

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I test-rode the V-Strom 250 today and came back very impressed. I ride a CBR250R and with my return to the office starting, was looking for a change and a lighter bike with more upright seating. My CBR250R is a TN registered one and I shifted to Bangalore just before COVID and so was thinking of exchanging the CBR for a new bike so that I won’t be stopped by cops anywhere also spares for CBR are getting hard to get nowadays. I wanted a bike only for urban conditions with very minimal highway or weekend rides.

I was having the CB300R in mind with its 146 kg weight and light and flickable nature within the city and wanted to test ride this. I dropped into the Aryan Suzuki showroom at Hoodi today since I was on my way to the office and was handed over the keys of the V-Strom 250 for a test ride without any questions asked further. Told the Sales Advisor I would go for a longer 9-10 km ride and come back and was told no issues with that.

I am 6 ft tall and did not have any issues with the seat height and was comfortably able to flat foot. The seat height is a boon in city traffic since with its SUV-like seating you see the road far ahead and can plan overtakes or navigate with ease. This is a wonderful change from the 784mm seat height of CBR to the 835mm seat height of the baby VStrom.

The suspension felt plush as my CBR if not better and that is saying a lot about the suspension setup of the baby VStrom. I was sceptical about the suspension setup post all the initial review videos but I have no complaints post the test ride. This is perfectly comfortable for urban conditions and rides well over broken patches of roads and tattered tarmac.

The engine doesn’t require too much shifting in traffic and this is a very welcome thing in Bangalore traffic. Loved the tractability of the engine from low speeds to higher gears. The ride was a mix of stop-and-go traffic and some open stretches and absolutely no complaints here about the power delivery. The CBR may deliver power slightly better but there is nothing to hold against the VStrom 250 in this regard since I could maintain low speeds without having to downshift in traffic and the engine pulled cleanly from those speeds once traffic cleared.

Overall, I was very happy with the V-Strom 250 and was thinking this doesn’t deserve all the flak it is receiving from reviewers. Agreed this is not an enduro or hardcore adventure bike but for urban needs and highway touring this is a perfectly capable bike. The Gixxer or Gixxer SF may be a better alternative to this bike, but both of these bikes don’t have the combination of the higher upright seating position and suspension setup which the V-Strom has. A very flickable and easy to live within the city and personally V-Strom 250 ticks all the boxes. Compared to the CB300R, this is heavier by 21 kg but I guess I can live with this considering all the other positives.

The exchange discount of 7000, free insurance and free jacket are the offers still on though the extended warranty and waiver of labour for first paid service are no longer part of the offer. Sounds like a decent deal to me and would see how best to exchange a TN-registered bike in Bangalore and get a good deal for this during the exchange.

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