Watch: How the ID.4 is Being Tested for the US Market

It takes two years for test teams to make sure that a car is ready to be sold, and for the ID.4 that time is nearly up. Even though the big engineering decisions were made in Germany, there’s a lot that goes into making sure cars are ready for the US market.

For Volkswagen, the challenge will be ensuring that US buyers’ taste for a bargain can be catered to without sacrificing too much quality. And that will be a priority as VW tries to put the production issues that have plagued the ID.3 behind it.

But EVs pose another challenge. With batteries being produced for Chattanooga in South Carolina, a lot of work will go into making sure that the production site is up to snuff.

That will only be a problem once production starts in 2022. Until then, ID.4s will be imported from Germany.

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