Watch As A Car Is Slowly Swallowed By A Sinkhole

A driver in Mumbai, India watched helplessly at the weekend as his car slowly disappeared under the concrete. Dr Kiran Doshi was alerted to his Hyundai Venue (a car we last talked about because of its weird, optional no-clutch manual) sinking into the crumbling car park during heavy rain, filming its final moments above ground.

As the concrete gives way, we see a big pool of brown, murky water appear. The reason? The residential building’s car park was built over a well. Not especially well, it seems, or at least not well maintained, judging by the ruddy-great hole that opened up to eat this poor Hyundai.

Watch As A Car Is Slowly Swallowed By A Sinkhole - News

“We think that the concrete structure weakened over the years and heavy rainfall led to the incident,” Senior Police Inspector Nagraj Manjre said. The building originally went up about 80 years ago, with the reinforced concrete parking area constructed about 40 years later.

The local civic body, the BMC, assisted traffic police to pump water out of the hole and retrieve the soggy Hyundai using a crane. The organisation passed the buck in terms of responsibility since the incident took place on private property, The Indian Express reports.

As for Dr Doshi, we can only imagine how the call to the insurance company must have gone.

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