VW Polo owner test drives the new Virtus, shares his impressions

My wife was pretty happy with the car. She had earlier brushed aside the 5th-gen Honda City after a test drive.

BHPian thiagust recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Took the test drive today while I picked up my GT after service.

The looks are far far better compared to pics. Test drove the 1.0 AT Blue.

My few cents

  • The overall drive and feel felt a lot refined compared to my GT.
  • The steering was far lighter vs GT, but felt in complete control. No complaints whatsoever.
  • 1.0 felt adequate for me, did not get a chance to take it to the highway.
  • Boot space is more than adequate.
  • Rear seats should be fine for 2 kids plus an adult. Strictly for 2 adults though.
  • The ventilated seats were for namesake, not sufficient. The SA mentioned that they don’t highlight this feature to anyone actually.
  • The overall fit and finish was good.
  • Not sure if VW offers the car with seats in a darker shade. When kids occupy the rear seat, lot of chances of drinks spilling and staining the seats.
  • Seats were comfortable. The quality of plastics was good.
  • The leather-wrapped steering wheel – my GT one feels of better quality than the one on Virtus.

More importantly, my wife was happy. She had earlier brushed aside Honda City 5th Gen after a test drive.

Another key factor is that if you have driven a VAG car for a long time, anything else may not feel good.

Also, has anyone seen the Yellow one in flesh? I have a thing for yellow-coloured cars. When I bought the i10 in 2008, wanted to buy it in yellow, but Hyundai had stopped it right about that time.

Here’s what BHPian Pequod had to say about the matter:

Me, me! The yellow is great in person, it’s not your typical yellow and looks different in the evenings vis-à-vis the morning/afternoon sun. Sort of alternates between a golden and greenish hue – to my eyes at least!

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