VIDEO: Police escorting luxury cars on trucks caught on camera overtaking dangerously on a double line –

Blue skies and fine weather suggest a good outing on what should be a relaxing drive on a country road, though this was not what Facebook user Hamdan Zakaria encountered, as depicted on dashcam footage posted to their social media account.

Here, Hamdan first encountered a Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM) liveried Honda Civic travelling head-on towards them on the wrong side of a double solid line, with strobe lights switched on and flashing. This was followed by a convoy of two flatbed trucks and a white Ford Ranger, passing a train of traffic travelling in the same direction headed towards the camera vehicle.

Said flatbed trucks were each ferrying a Bentley Mulsanne and a pre-facelift S213 Mercedes-AMG E63 station wagon, which begs the question – if these weren’t first-responder vehicles in the police car-led convoy, what could possibly have been the emergency? Fortunately for the camera vehicle, there was room on the grass verge to steer towards and avoid colliding with the errant convoy.

A closer look at the vehicles in the convoy show that the second truck in the convoy bears “Pejabat Sultan Kelantan” (office of the Sultan of Kelantan) on its upper windscreen band, though that itself may not necessarily indicate that the convoy was commissioned by a member of that state’s royal household. The two cars on the flatbed trucks are, however, fitting of royalty.

By now we should know that double lines are painted on roads for good reason, and the twisty roads with blind bends on which they are painted are precisely why overtaking is prohibited on these stretches.

Doing so on roads with double lines is an offence, as are parking, making a U-turn, and crossing from one side of the road to the other. All such offences carry a fine of RM300, with harsher penalties applicable to the general public if the incident results in injury or death.

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