Upgraded to a Hyundai Alcazar from a Honda WR-V: The good, bad & ugly

Almost finalised on the Tata Safari but changed to the Alcazar SUV which wasn’t even on the considerations list.

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So what car is it?

Presenting my almost 2 months old Hyundai Alcazar (White Colour) Diesel Signature Edition-1.5 Diesel MT.

Hyundai Alcazar? Now? Are u okay? Diesel??

This is precisely what I got to hear from a close friend of mine when I told him-Bhai, book thai gayi (I have booked it)

The Big Question- WHY?

Frankly, Alcazar wasn’t even on my consideration list. I was driving Honda WRV – Diesel for the last 4.5 years (78K clocked on the ODO) in Surat.

Got transferred to Ahmedabad (my hometown) this year and we started facing space constraints in the back seat of my WRV whenever we went out locally with the entire family (4 adults + 1 kid) hence the need for 6 or 7-seater came up. We have another Hyundai Grand i10 which my dad drives so one option was to take both cars and avoid unnecessary spending in a new car since I did not have any issues in my WRV or 5-year-old Grand i10 as well. But then taking two cars would mean dad would have to drive long distances when we would go out on long road trips and fuel expenses for the additional car as well (My grand i10 gives max 12KMPL when driven with the highest love). Hence the final logical outcome was to buy a 6 or a 7 seater or a 5 seater bigger than WRV (i.e. Harrier / XUV 700 with 5 seater config).

Started with XL6, and almost went to finalize the top-end variant, but then my love for Diesel prevented me to give Maruti that booking amount cheque. Checked out Harrier and Safari, test-drove both, and was blown over by the performance. But steering and handling in the city felt difficult. Almost finalized Safari, with the sheer brand value the name carries, but then, took my mom to sit in the car, and she was not able to get in/out of both cars easily. So another criterion was identified, had to take into account my mother’s knees too. Went to see XUV 700, and this time before taking a test drive asked my mom to see if she is able to get in or come out easily. Same issue. Did not even take a test drive since there was no point in buying a new car with my family members not able to get in and out comfortably.

Finally thought to buy XL6, when my son suggested Carens which I frankly did not like due to its boxy looks (No offence to Carens owners since looks are subjective. I don’t like my Alcazar’s front looks either). My mom could easily sit in and get out of both cars so the first gate was cleared. Carens had an option of Diesel which cleared the second gate (XL6 –Sorry). Was considering the Top variant with all bells and whistles and almost bought it. Then my mom told me- “Ek vaar Hyundai ni jo ne koi 6 ke 7-seater aave che?” (See if there is a Hyundai with 6 or 7-seater available). She loves Hyundai. Then came Alcazar on the consideration list. Called for a test drive, and was arranged at home the very next day!! (This is why I like Hyundai). The signature variant automatic diesel was sent as a test drive vehicle. My mom checked the first gate, she invigilated it and Alcazar passed it with flying colours. Next was diesel or petrol choice. 2L NA petrol from Hyundai (I started calculating ‘kitna deti hai’ -My heart said to buy it, my brain said-No), test drove the diesel automatic, silent cabin and easier handling in the city roads felt good (I was anyways not going to buy automatic-I am still one of those who prefer Manual over automatics). Went to finalize the base variant which had almost what I wanted, but the car was in waiting (Yes, Alcazar diesel also had waiting). Told the dealer which variant he can arrange the fastest, and he convinced me to go for Signature, I convinced him to deliver in 4 days since I had my Diwali road trip to Ujjain and Indore planned in the new vehicle.

So from not being on the consideration list at all, I became an owner of Hyundai Alcazar in 10 days)

So how is it going?

Having driven it for about 3600 km, I can share the Good, Bad and the Ugly of it:

The Good

The Bad

The Ugly

  • Now there are some evident in-your-face features not available in this costly car which really pains me. They are-
  • No Auto down / Auto up for all 4 four power windows (Present Only for Driver)
  • No illumination in the power window switches in the driver-side door console (except the Driver side)
  • No aero twin wiper blades (Yuck)
  • No touch sensor on the passenger side for the door open/close (even more Yuck)
  • Manually adjustable co-passenger front-row seat (my wife does not like travelling with me now)
  • No door-open lamps (Love the door lamps in Harrier)
  • No adaptive cruise control
  • No lights in the glovebox
  • No Illuminated sun visors
  • No rain-sensing wipers
  • Lower-sized spare wheel

Issues and Concerns


For a family of four adults with 1 or 2 kids, who want a car more than a 5 seater, and for people who have a driving ratio of 70: 30 (70% City, 30% Highway), this can be a considerable option.


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