TVS patents hydrogen fuel cell-powered e-scooter

TVS has filed a patent for the hydrogen fuel cell-powered electric scooter abroad.

TVS Motors is developing a hydrogen fuel cell-powered electric scooter. Details of the new model have now been revealed through a leaked patent filing.

The patent image appears to show a pair of hydrogen canisters integrated into the front fairing, just behind the downtube, while the filler nozzle is locate on the front apron. 

The battery is positioned under the rider’s feet and the fuel cell is tucked-in under the seat. The image also reveals other components like the pressure regulator, flow meter and shut-off valve.

One of the main advantages of hydrogen fuel cell-powered vehicles is that refilling hydrogen is as easy as filling petrol. However, storing hydrogen is tricky, and the infrastructure required is still in its nascent stage.

Source: The Hindu

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