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Cases where motorists are forced to claim from their own insurance in the event of a vehicle accident instead of the cover from a liable party are becoming more regular, and the Federation of Malaysian Consumers Associations (FOMCA) says the matter is something authorities need to address.

Its CEO, Saravanan Thambirajah, said that in the event of an accident, both parties needed to lodge a police report. “This will enable the victim to claim from the offender’s insurance, in the event the offender does not want to pay for the damage. Unfortunately, some offenders do not lodge reports, making it difficult for victims to claim on insurance,” he said in a statement.

Under these circumstances, many have had to claim from their own insurance, paying the penalty for someone else’s actions. “In this event, the victims will lose their no-claim bonus (NCB), which is unfair. Why do victims have to go through this agony because of mistakes made by others?”

Saravanan also said there were many cases where motorists drove around without valid vehicle insurance, and were not penalised for it in the event of an accident. He said that such offenders would get off without any action taken against them, eventually being able to renew their vehicle insurance without any issues.

He said that measures need to be taken to curb the long-standing issue, and urged authorities to address the matter. “Offenders need to be punished and victims need to be protected by providing them insurance coverage without losing their NCB.”

“Bank Negara, as the regulator of insurance, should work with the General Insurance Association of Malaysia (PIAM), police and the road transport department (JPJ) to form a task force to eradicate this menace,” he explained.

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