Thread of the Day | Help us make a guide to racing

This could be the biggest call to arms for the PH motorsport contingent to date

Many of us at PH have been fortunate enough to compete at some level of motorsport over the past few years, whether autotests, rallying, sprinting, or circuit sprint and endurance racing. It really is the most fun you can have in a car and we want to encourage more people to do it, but we need your help.

We want to build a comprehensive guide to getting into motorsport and break down the barriers of entry. From understanding what licence you need at each level, costs of competing, what equipment you need and where to get it, volunteering, resources for developing your driving skills and more.

We want everyone to be involved; competitors, series organisers and coordinators, marshals and even those that want to get into motorsport to understand the questions you need answering.

Want to join us in our crusade? Join in on the thread here to get involved.

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