The Next Mercedes-AMG C63 Will Be A 2000kg, 550bhp I4 Hybrid

The Next Mercedes-AMG C63 Will Be A 2000kg, 550bhp I4 Hybrid - News

After hearing that Mercedes-AMG was to switch the C63’s mightly 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8 for an inline-four, we argued that the setup might actually be pretty sweet. Our main thinking was related to weight – the current C-Class-based super saloon is a hefty thing, so a lither four-pot equivalent with similar performance might just work.

It was thought at the time that even with the hybrid gubbins factored in, the new four-pot C63 would be a smidge lighter or around about the same. But according to a new report in Car Magazine, it’ll be near enough two tonnes.

The new AMG C63 was recently spotted undergoing cold weather testing in estate form

The A45-borrowed M139 inline-four is 60kg lighter than the V8 it replaces, but indicating Mercedes is using a sizeable battery pack in the C63, the hybrid system adds 250kg. It probably doesn’t help that the new C-Class is also bigger than the old one, either. Most of the weight gain from the electric stuff will be down low and closer to the centre of the car, though.

Plus, with a 60kg lighter engine sitting on the front axle, it should feel more nimble overall, despite being around 200kg bulkier than the old one. The weight distribution will be the ideal 50:50, compared to 54:46 in the old car.

No V8 like this for the next C63 - it'll use a hybridised inline-four instead

The usual setup for a car like this involves using an electric motor to drive the front wheels and the internal combustion engine for the rear axle, but Mercedes is taking a different route for the C63. According to Car’s source, both the 420bhp internal combustion engine and a 200bhp will power the rear axle, with thrust sent to the front wheels as necessary via an all-wheel drive system.

The Next Mercedes-AMG C63 Will Be A 2000kg, 550bhp I4 Hybrid - News

Although the peak outputs of each bit of the powertrain amount to more, the combined peak power figure will be 550bhp, with the torque sitting at 590lb ft – pretty much E63 S territory. The 0-62mph time meanwhile will be just 3.5 seconds, some four tenths brisker than the new BMW M3 Competition.

We’ll have a little while longer to get used to the idea of a hybrid four-pot C63, with a full reveal not expect until the tail end of 2021.

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