The ID.4 Will Officially be Revealed on September 23

The global reveal for the most important Volkswagen of the next few years has an official date. On September 23 at 11 am EST and you can watch it on the YouTubes!

The ID.4 will be the first MEB-based Volkswagen to hit US shores and will eventually be built in Chattanooga. As part of Volkswagen’s green anti-soot turnaround, its success will be crucial to VW.

Like the ID.3, it will be a purely electric vehicle whose batteries are entirely located under the floor. That should make it particularly capacious.

Estimated to be about the size of a Tiguan on the outside, the ID.4 should have more interior space to play with on the inside thanks to its electric powertrain.

Unlike the ID.3, the ID.4 is expected to go ever so slightly upmarket. The ID.3 has been accused of being cheap on the inside—a consequence of its mission to cost less than any of the electric competition. The ID.4, meanwhile, will have a slightly higher MSRP to make its interior feel more premium.

Still, the ID.4 should start at a reasonable price, with Scott Keogh, CEO of VW USA, saying that he wants the price (once government rebates are considered) to start in the low $30,000s.

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