The Ford Fiesta Will Soon Be Dead

Ford - The Ford Fiesta Will Soon Be Dead - News

It seems like every other week a car gets axed in recent times amid issues facing the industry, such as the semiconductor shortage and economic turmoil. There are times, though, when it just cuts much deeper. According to our sister title Auto Express, Ford is set to kill off the car many of us learned to drive in, owned as our first runabout, or which acted as the main family car’s dependable sidekick for trips about town: the Ford Fiesta.

Ford is set to release a briefing on the brand’s plans for its iconic hatchback’s discontinuation later this week. This is thought to note that the Ford Fiesta will go off sale in mid 2023, despite its place in history as Britain’s best selling car ever.

In recent times, the Fiesta’s sales numbers have slumped and it’s been overtaken by the Vauxhall Corsa in the sales charts. In 2021 it didn’t appear in the top 10 chart, and despite a recent update to the model, it hasn’t charted this year, either. Supply chain issues and the resulting suspension on orders for the supermini have been cited as a major factor.

Ford - The Ford Fiesta Will Soon Be Dead - News

The Fiesta is one of those cars that’s always been a constant, so its absence on the UK market after over 45 years will leave a notable supermini-sized hole. Many of us had our first taste of independence in a Ford Fiesta, sitting with our mates in a Tesco car park acting like yobs or eating a McDonald’s from the driver’s seat.

The model has also served as the basis for some of the most fun hot hatches ever made: there was the Fiesta XR2, Fiesta RS Turbo and RS1800 – which were so hot some insurance companies refused to cover them – and of course, the current Fiesta ST. If the standard Fiesta was many a young driver’s first taste of freedom, the ST was responsible for democratising performance, offering many drivers their first taste of spine-tingling back-road blasts.

Ford - The Ford Fiesta Will Soon Be Dead - News

Ford will likely be discontinuing the Fiesta to focus on expanding its electric car portfolio in time for 2030. It’s unclear whether the Fiesta nameplate could return at some point in the future as an electric car, which would be a challenge given the higher costs involved with producing such vehicles. For now, the popularity of SUVs and crossovers means the Blue Oval will be keen to push its Puma and Kuga models, with the Puma to be offered as a fully-electric model by 2024. This sad news, however, means today is not so much a Fiesta as it is a funeral.

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