Tata Nexon EV: List of issues & niggles reported by owners

While electric vehicles are a totally new area of expertise for Tata Motors and most other manufacturers, this is still a substantial list of teething issues.

BHPian anb recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

A few very serious quality issues of the Tata Nexon EV were mentioned in the Malayalam YouTube channel Talking Cars, owned by Bhpians Vivek and JayDev.

1. D to N Problem

Car shifts from D to N while running as a fail-safe measure. It’s not possible to change to D after D to N problem.

Company solution:

The Tata Nexon EV should be charged till 100% SOC and not to be stopped at 80 or 90%. Some owners were under the impression that their battery cycles would reduce if they charged regularly to 100%. So as a first step, instructions were given to charge to 100% and once in 2-3 weeks take the SOC to lower than 20% and then charge to 100% to ensure BMS gets updated and balances the cells in a proper manner.

Also, a software update was planned so that when the D to N happens, it would allow users to drive the car till their homes or a safer location and not get stranded suddenly on a highway or a secluded location.

Ref: PluginIndia

2. SOC Dropping Regularly

There is Team-BHP thread running on this issue. The charge of the battery suddenly drops in a matter of seconds.

Solution 1: In one case company downgraded the BMS software.

Solution 2. In another case, the company told that the recent update had done something to the battery. Speaking more technically, the cell voltage must be similar. The maximum and minimum cell voltage must be above of 3V; however, in this case maximum cell voltage was 3.3V and minimum was 1.2V. This resulted in battery imbalance. They have replaced the battery pack completely. However, the battery pack originally was from September 2020. The replaced one is now from May 2020 and refurbished.

Ref: PlugInIndia

3. Fast charger getting stuck

Fast charger gets stuck and the owner has to access a release line below the front wheel arch to release the charger.

4. Failure of mounts of electric motor in some cars

Mount of Motor fails and motor moves down.

Solution: An external black colour mount is provided as a temporary solution.

Check out BHPian comments for more insights and information.

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