Sublime Alfaholics GTA-R Spider for sale

The wait for your own Alfaholics build is years, so when skipping the queue looks this good…

By Matt Bird / Thursday, 18 August 2022 / Loading comments

By now, everybody knows what Alfaholics is all about. What was a parts and racing business for classic Alfas has expanded to include one of the most revered restomod operations out there. Say ‘Alfaholics’ to any car nut and the image that’s conjured is nothing less than 105 Series perfection: from the way they look to the way they drive and sound to the materials, there’s nothing you’d want to change about an Alfaholics build. Ever. If a restoration is good enough for Gordon Murray, it’s good enough for us…

There’s more to this Alfaholics-overhauled Spider than meets the eye, too. Because you’re thinking that a drop-top, however stylish, isn’t the ideal base for a great-driving classic Alfa. But look a little closer; the owner who first commissioned Alfaholics to work on this car wanted the increased rigidity of a roll cage, but didn’t want it visible, so a bespoke one was built that doesn’t protrude beyond the doorline. Which is cool. And that really is just the start of an incredible build.

With new cams, rods, pistons, a big-valve head and 45mm Weber carbs, the Alfa Twin Spark is making 220hp at 6,800-7,300rpm. Given this Spider must weigh well under a tonne, it’s going to be a very, very fast classic Alfa. Especially with the quite unbelievable (but undeniably awesome) fitment of a six-speed sequential gearbox. The previous owner was quite partial to a track, you see, hence the transmission as well as other upgrades, like the digital dash, six-piston brake calipers and Alfaholics suspension overhaul. That included aluminium dampers, lightweight wishbones, and adjustable springs.

However, this being an Alfaholics build, the Spider is a million miles from the average scabby track day car. Look at the gorgeous red leather (with matching hood), bespoke GTA-style grab handles and lovingly crafted pedals. Even the grille is unique to this car, with an original Alfa ‘heart’ 3D scanned and then this new item built from scratch. Clearly a whole lot of time, effort and love has been put into this Spider.

It has been used as intended, too, with plenty of time on track and subsequent visits to Alfaholics since completion to keep it in tip-top condition. The advert states that the Alfa has been upgraded with some GTA-R bits this year, too; even without knowing exactly what they are, you know they’re going to be good.

Now, this might not be the restomod classic for bimbling to the pub on a sunny afternoon – the ear protection on both seats suggests it’ll be pretty loud! – but what a circuit car the Spider ought to be. Light, fast, raw, stunning to look at and likely even better to drive, you’ll be the envy of the paddock whatever track day it’s at. And who’d want to wait any longer than needed for that? It’s yours for £125,000.

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