Subaru BRZ STI Performance shown at Tokyo

WR Blue and gold is back for another Subaru Tecnica International

By Matt Bird / Friday, January 14, 2022 / Loading comments

Once upon a time it seemed that every motor show saw the debut of another Subaru BRZ STI concept that was never going to be made. Seemingly keen to maintain tradition, the new model has been subject to an ‘STI Performance’ overhaul for the Tokyo auto salon. Now that the BRZ isn’t sold in Europe, Subaru will probably go ahead and make a few.

So, what do European buyers stand to miss out on? Or rather, what could Toyota be inspired by for a limited edition GR86? In Subaru’s own words, this is a “parts customisation model that expresses the enjoyment of driving with cherry red decorations everywhere.” Very sweet.

Actual detail on upgrades is hard to come by, so it’s very much a case of saying what you see. Beyond the new STI strut brace, little appears to have changed under the bonnet; we knew that would be asked first. Still, given the extra power and torque of this second generation, the clamour for turbocharging has died down. A little.

The wheels are larger and rather more bronze than Subaru gold, but as an STI part they could well be lighter than standard. Speaking of bigger being better, there’ll be no missing the new pair of STI-branded exhaust tips, punching out of rear bumper like a couple of cannons. Vying for attention back there is a new spoiler, perched on the boot lid a little strangely, and a more prominent rear diffuser.

The big wing makes more sense considered as part of the bodykit, including side skirts and a lower, meaner front splitter. Maybe it won’t be to all tastes, but at least WR Blue, something close to gold and Subaru Technica International pink still works really well as a colour scheme. From here, the interior looks unchanged.

The BRZ isn’t the only STI-themed attraction on the Subaru Tokyo stand, although there’s even less chance of seeing those cars – or anything like them – over here. There’s an S4 variant of the new WRX, with even more STI pink and what looks like an identical spoiler to the BRZ, while the Levorg STI Performance Concept gets new wheels and tyres plus a smattering of STI badges. The Solterra STI previews what a fast Subaru might look like in an electric future. The gold is gone, but the pink most certainly remains. Wonder if they can pipe in some burble, too?

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