Strange noise from my Scorpio-N’s accelerator pedal: No fix in sight

Apparently, this noise is present in all Scorpio-N diesel variants, with no permanent solution.

BHPian Cool-Shine recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Hello Folks,

I need your help with respect to one unusual issue I am facing with my Scorpio N Z4 D AT car. I got the delivery of my car on 15-Jan-2023 from Salasar Autocrafts, Panvel, Maharashtra.

Since the car was new, I restricted myself to 80 km/h for the initial 1000 kms. After crossing the 1000 km mark, I was taking my car for its first servicing and as I was in a hurry, I was driving between 90 to 100 km/h. At that time, I heard a strange grumpy noise after releasing the accelerator pedal suddenly above the speed of 90 km/h. I was surprised to hear this noise. I highlighted this issue to SA during the first service but they could not identify the root cause. Please check the following video. You may need to use headphones to hear that noise clearly. You can hear the same at the end of the video (when I release the accelerator pedal).

As I am staying in Pune, I decided to check this issue further with Shiv Autowings, Chinchwad, Pune. They did a thorough test on my car; however, they also could not identify the reason for this strange noise. Hence, they requested a technical team from Mahindra Chakan Plant to check this issue. This technical team also could hear that noise above 90 km/h, but they did not have any answer to this issue.

Finally, an R&D team from Mahindra visited the service centre to check the issue. Again after verifying everything for almost two days, they were unable to find the root cause. Hence, they took some data from my car for further analysis.

After 4-5 days, the service centre received an update from the Mahindra R&D team asking them to disconnect the ESP module and then check if this noise is coming. The service centre requested me to bring the car again to check the same. Upon disconnecting ESP, surprisingly this noise vanished. Hence, they concluded that there is some issue with the ESP Unit assembly and it needs to be replaced. They put in a request for this part which took a week’s time to arrive at the service centre. Installing and further testing again took 2-3 more days. However, even after replacing this part, the issue persisted.

So I escalated this issue to Mahindra Customer Care Manager for the Pune region. He discussed this issue with all the teams involved in this testing and concluded this noise issue is present in all Scorpio N Diesel variants and there is no solution to this issue currently.

I was surprised by this response. Hence, I requested him to demonstrate the presence of this same noise in any other Scorpio N in my presence and to my disappointment, it was present in other Scorpio N as well; however, the intensity of this noise was very low as compared to my car. Hence other Scorpio N owners are not able to hear this noise whereas I could.

Apart from this issue, I did not come across any other niggle with my car. Mahindra Scorpio N is a fantastic vehicle and a treat for any vehicle enthusiast. However, this weird noise (although it’s coming for hardly 1 sec), is taking away the driving pleasure and becoming a cause for concern since I drive for long distances almost on all weekends.

After following up for more than 2 months, Mahindra is now saying that they will check with their team internally if anything can be done to reduce this noise; however, they are not sure by when they can come up with a solution.

Requesting your valuable input/suggestions to address this issue and let me know if anyone has had a similar experience.

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