STARTECH Gives Tesla Model 3 the Sporty Makeover It Always Deserved

BRABUS-owned modification company STARTECH has unveiled its latest project, which consists of giving the Tesla Model 3 a new aerodynamic body kit.

In standard form, the Model 3 is arguably one of Tesla‘s least visually-pleasing electric cars available. However, STARTECH has entered the game with its new body kit, which draws influence from Formula 1 racing and was developed using state-of-the-art 3D scan and CAD technology.

The result includes a new front bumper which takes influence from the front wings of an F1 race car, which not only improves the car’s aerodynamics but also reduces front-axle lift at high speeds. Furthermore, STARTECH has ensured that the semi-autonomous technology nestled inside the bumper still functions as standard.

At the rear, you’ll find a new diffuser alongside a three-piece wing that covers the trunk and sidewalls, while on the sides STARTECH has added carbon fiber wing mirror covers and camera housings on the front fenders.

Rounding out its list of upgrades is the optional chrome delete service, which replaces chrome-plated pieces such as the window surrounds and door handles with a black finish. 20-inch STARTECH Monostar M wheels have also been tailor-made for the Model 3, while new springs lower AWD versions by 30mm and RWD iterations by 40mm.

Take a look at STARTECH’s Tesla Model 3 in the gallery above, and find out more on STARTECH’s website.

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