Royal Enfield unveils the Slide School at Rider Mania 2019

Royal Enfield unveiled a flat tracking event called Slide School at Rider Mania 2019. The first edition of Slide School will be held in January 2020 at Big Rock Dirt Park in Bangalore.

Rider Mania 2019 hosted the first demo-run of Slide School with Himalayan FTs at the Dirt Track arena. Royal Enfield also unveiled the Himalayan flat track custom motorcycle at the event. The bike is developed in partnership with S&S Cycles USA.

Flat tracking is said to be a fast-growing form of motorsport. It takes place on an oval track, over a set number of laps. The rider is required to slide the motorcycle through the corners.

Royal Enfield plans to have more Slide Schools across India to nurture new talent.

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