Road trip on superbikes in the rain: 500 km on an R1 & CBR Fireblade

We weren’t entirely idiots though. We were smart enough to keep our luggage in my brother’s car who accompanied us in his Octavia vRS.

BHPian krishnaprasadgg recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

In this week’s episode of Dumb (Xaos636) and Dumber (Yours truly), Xaos636 and I decided it was the perfect time to ride 500 km from Bangalore (where it’s raining daily) to our homes in Kerala (where it’s raining like there’s no tomorrow) on our supersport motorcycles (One bike doesn’t have ABS and the other doesn’t have Traction control) with no rain gear. Recipe for a perfect riding day, what can go wrong?

But wait, we weren’t entirely idiots though, we were smart enough to keep our luggage in my brother’s car who accompanied us in his Octy VRS. See, I told you, we were intelligent people.

Anyways, jokes aside, had a blast of a day on the road and covered around 500 kms in the process. Here are a few pics from the ride.

Coffee breaks on TN highways just hit different

Just look at the rear ends on those machines!

Xaos636 had to stop to make sure that he saw the sign actually said 100kmph. Well, not really but I thought that’d be a good caption.

Striking a pose

Not gonna lie, these 3 together in formation do grab a lot of eyeballs

More rain incoming

The truck guy said he can smoke the Fireblade in a straight line, Xaos636 didn’t take it well, clearly.

Second home

Almost there. The home stretch

Touchdown. Something about vehicles that have all the dirt and grime after a long road trip makes it look so awesome. I just can’t get enough of it.

Tripmeter for the day

ODO as it stands

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