Report: Audi's Cooking Up an Even More Extreme R8 RWS

When the R8 RWS premiered, Audi promised that the S stood for “series,” implying that there would be more than just one. A recent report from Piston Heads suggests that the brand is, indeed, planning another RWD R8 which will be even more extreme than the first.

Inspired by its R8 GT3 car—which Audi never fails to remind us shares 50% of its parts with the road car–the upcoming RWS could look even more like the race car.

“We have some good ideas for a more extreme R8 as we know the powerful exterior design of our racing car is amazing – people want to drive this on the street,” Oliver Hoffman, head of Audi Sport, told Piston Heads. “The racing car engine is almost identical to the road car’s, so that’s already proven, but we have the GT3 drivers doing chassis testing for us. For example, Frank Stippler, he’s driving our GT3 car and is also our development guy doing the Nurburgring testing for road cars.”

Unfortunately, Audi still faces some issues if it wants to put a big-winged GT3-car-for-the-streets int0 production. Fortunately, that’s not internal support. According to the report, the top brass loves the idea, it’s those pesky pedestrians who insist on not being sliced by massive spoilers and tripped by low hoods who pose the biggest challenge for the car.

As for power, Hoffman says there won’t be any hybrid powertrain options so that spectacular V10 will remain unassisted. And while we’re happy to hear that Audi is leaving well enough alone, that also means that you shouldn’t expect any big bumps in power. Not that we really need more than 602 hp.

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