Real-world fuel efficiency of the 2nd-gen Hyundai Creta

However, whenever I used the “Sports” mode for certain stretches, there was a drastic drop in the average FE readings.

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PatienceWins drives a diesel AT:

Good mileage. Even before first service, it is giving 11 kmpl in city bumper to bumper traffic and 17 kmpl on highways with quite spirited driving.

fhdowntheline also drives a diesel AT. He posted multiple updates. Soon after he took delivery on October 2020:

Today morning I took the opportunity to take her out for a longish spin on the Lavasa route. The trip average this 50 odd km was 15.8 kmpl on the dash. So its par for the course I think.

After a highway drive:

I managed to average 23 kmpl at speeds between 70-90 kph, and 21 kmpl overall, maintaining speeds between 95-110 km/h on the expressway. All this in comfort mode, 100% of the time.

In the city, depending on the traffic, I get around 13-15 kmpl. If I go someplace in the early hours of the day, I have observed numbers in the 17-19 range.

An update in February 2021:

During early morning/low traffic times, I get about 17-19 in the city. During regular traffic, its about 14-16. On highway runs, I get about 20-21.

Today, I did a quick run. A trip of 100 odd km with highway, ghats, bad roads, truck and village/urban traffic. I got an indicated 18.5 kmpl.

Another update in July 2021:

In terms of mileage for the diesel AT, I have experienced between 13-15 kmpl in city conditions, but in Pune we have never fully had bumper to bumper traffic like in the pre-Covid times because of lingering restrictions.

Dhananjay_Desai commented on the fuel efficiency of his diesel AT:

I took my delivery of the Creta diesel AT SX(O) on the 29th of June and I have done two drives and below is the mileage:

1. On single lane state highways in Karnataka through villages, broken roads with average speeds of about 40-45 kmph, I got a mileage of around 19.3 kmpl.

2. On a national highway from my native to Bangalore which is 90% great 6 lane road and 10% temporary roads due to diversions created for road construction, I got a mileage of 25.8 kmpl for a distance of about 520 km including breaks for breakfast, lunch etc. Since the car is still in the run in period, the speed was maintained between 80-85 kmph. Although the maximum speed that I attain on such highways is between 95-100 kmph.

iamitp drives a 1.4L turbo petrol DCT:

So it has been a month with my Phantom Black Creta 2020 1.4 DCT and I have clocked in about 2000 KM.

I mostly drive aggressively and in Sports mode in the city where the mileage settles to around 8 KMPL. On Delhi-Chandigarh highway round trip in Eco mode, I got around 10-11 KMPL.

An update in May 2021:

  • City – 10 KMPL
  • Highway – 15 KMPL

These are average figures for me. I drive spiritedly, which is why I got the DCT.

roaming-er had this to say on his petrol IVT:

I am getting ~16 KMPL on highway, with AC on and fully loaded car and ~12-13 KMPL on city roads with AC on, which seems okayish for an IVT 1.5L engine.

autocool’s petrol IVT:

I covered nearly 1500 Kms which were predominately on highways and I drove in “Comfort” mode for 80% of the trip. The ODO reading hit 3000 Kms this week.

I received an average FE number of ~17.2 kmpl for the entire trip which I find to be very impressive. However, whenever I used the “Sports” mode for certain stretches, there was a drastic drop in the average FE readings (it even came down to 14 kmpl levels).

An update in March 2021:

It’s been 5 months now with my car (have covered 4100 kms), I am extremely pleased with both performance and mileage figures. I get around ~9 kmpl in city and ~16 kmpl on highways. I feel this is decent enough considering the comfort of an automatic.

amitkuch posted this 8 days after getting his diesel manual:

I am continuously getting more than 21 Kmpl on each trip with light foot.

D’Ro@dSt@r had this to say after a 160 km round trip in his DCT Creta:

I do drive with a heavy foot whenever i get to see empty stretches and with that as well, was able to see 15.1 kmpl for 160 km round trip.

An update in May 2021:

Average figures of my DCT:

  • Highway – 14-16 ( Have seen 17.5 as well on a drive of 180 kms)
  • City – 8-12

Did a 600 km round trip last month and the onward leg when I was driving, got the number as 16.2. On the return journey, part of it was driven by my friend and the MID showed 14.3.

rkv_hunter also drives a Creta DCT:

Have driven the car for about 500 km within Mumbai, and the mileage I have got overall is about 8.7 kmpl as per MID, which is ok for my driving style with the Turbo petrol engine and DCT box.

AshBabu reported the efficiency of his Creta DCT:

Few data on mileage:

a. Creta has done about 340 km in the city and the instant fuel average was showing as 12 km/l.

b. At the end of the onward journey – the instant fuel average showed 16.0 km/l.

c. The accumulated Info showed 13.7 km/l. This tallied with Fuelio App – 13.69 km/l by full tank method.

d. On the return journey the instant fuel average was showing 18.1 km/l.

e. And Accumulated Info screen is showing 16.8 km/l. Need to cross check with Fuelio App when I will refill the tank next week

jnsushant’s diesel AT:

I have driven around 1720 Kms till now, mix of city and highway drives. Overall fuel efficiency stands at 13 Kmpl, which I think is good.

Turbokick drives a 1.5L petrol manual:

The fuel economy from the whole trip through MID turned out to be 16 odd kmpl for the 150 km trip. Pretty reasonable as the trip included slow moving traffic in the countryside roads too.

srikanthmadhava posted this in his ownership review of his diesel automatic:

1.5D gives wonderful fuel efficiency when a constant speed is maintained. The efficiency dips drastically even in highways when there are constant speed changes. MID readings:

  • I got 20 Kmpl for a round trip of 600 Kms from Bangalore to Namakkal in the awesome Tamil Nadu highways. Aspire 1.5D manual had given around 20-21 for the same Namakkal route.
  • Again around 20kmpl in our trip to Lapakshi in the super awesome Bangalore-Hyderabad highway.
  • Mileage is down to 15kmpl in Mysore road – with its traffic, cities and construction work.
  • A trip to my hometown through Mysore road, KRS bypass, Hunsur, Gonikuppa, Maakkotta and Malabar hill highway returns me around 15.5kmpl for 380 Km trip. Same trip through Mysore road in our Duster petrol manual returns 13 kmpl, but that’s the max our Duster gives even on the best Highways.
  • I did not observe much variations in mileage with eco mode. Will do more trips in eco mode to figure our if there is any significant impact. I had got 24 kmpl for a short 24 km trip with a constant 50 kmph speed.
  • My hometown’s narrow roads and traffic gave me around 8 Kmpl for around 15 km drive. This is with me trying to find a spot to park the car, never going above 30, multiple stops and starts etc. Bangalore city drives during the pandemic are not like how they used to be before and I get around 13kmpl on day time city drives (I have not driven much here).
  • 14 Kmpl is Average for the total 4000Kms.

RavenAvi shifted from Eco mode to Comfort mode in his petrol IVT:

But yes, the FE number showing in the MID has come down from 13.3 kmpl at the 1,500 kms ODO mark to 12.8 kmpl now.

Fuelio calculated the last fill-up (@1,589 kms) at 11.9 kmpl, and for the fill-up before that it had crossed 12.4 kmpl, so it’s a definite that those next 89 kms with the COMFORT mode has slightly brought down the FE numbers.

After completing 7 months and 2,000 km with the car:

FE numbers, of course, have been affected. The last 2 fillups have resulted a return of ~12 kmpl as per the Fuelio app, which is a full 1 kmpl less than what the 1.5L IVT used to give in Eco mode.

ashlil also drives a petrol IVT:

One nice thing about this car has been the fuel efficiency. In city driving, I get about 9.4 kmpl and on highway about 17.2 kmpl (both numbers are from the MID). And this is with the completely new engine. Hoping it will improve further as the engine opens up.

An update in April 2021:

The mileage is good. In city, I get 9 to 10 KMPL and in highways, I get 17 to 18 KMPL. In the single lane ghat roads (such as majority of Kalyan – Shivneri route), the mileage reduces to 11 KMPL.

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