Real-world fuel efficiency of my Tata Nexon petrol manual in the city

Also conducted a similar fuel efficiency experiment on my SUV under highway conditions.

BHPian NorthernStar recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Hello fellow BHPians,

To cut a long story short, I wanted to extract the best mileage out of my Tata Nexon petrol under city driving conditions so I refilled the petrol tank upto auto cut and drove with a very light foot and made sure that the tires have the correct air pressure (30 psi). Here are other parameters of my car:

  • Car Model and make: Tata Nexon XZ+ Petrol, June 2022
  • Service history of the car: Only 2 free services done to date. No oil changes.
  • Full tank of Petrol: 44 Litres, filled till auto-cut at the station).
  • Tire pressure: 30 psi in all 4 tires as recommended by Tata.
  • Trip meter B: reset.
  • AC: OFF
  • Driving mode: City

Here are the results:

I’ve conducted a similar experiment for best mileage under highway conditions for my Tata Nexon. You can find it here.

Would love to hear your opinions on the same.

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