Real-world fuel efficiency figures of my Mahindra XUV700 MX petrol

The acceleration is better than on my Tata Harrier diesel, which was purchased around the same time as this.

BHPian sanmeet recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

We got home XUV700 MX Petrol in the first week of April. I love the bang for the buck spent on this car. Here’s a micro review below:

Let’s talk about the mileage first:

I keep track of petrol and odometer readings for all my vehicles on a google spreadsheet, so the reading is quite accurate. I use the tank full to tank full method and have consistently got exactly the same mileage figure for the five tank fulls that I have done to date. Summary below:

  • Tank full 1: start 75km
  • Tank full 2: 575km, 46.14-litres, 10.84km/l
  • Tank full 3: 1050km, 44.47-litres, 10.68km/l
  • Tank full 4: 1575km, 47.84-litres, 10.97km/l
  • Tank full 5: 2101km, 50.22-litres, 10.47km/l

Overall: 10.74 km/l (Total distance/petrol-litres)

My daily commute of 110 km is 33% on expressways at a constant 100 km/h, 40% on low traffic roads with speeds of 40 – 80 km/h, and balance 33% on narrow roads with intermittent traffic and speed ranging from 0- 40 km/h

The gear lever occasionally gives hard vibrations while shifting as others have mentioned.

The acceleration is very sweet, especially compared to the automatic (Diesel) Tata Harrier that I had bought along with this car.

The whole package is quite good but the things that I miss most are apple car play & navigation. I would be instaling alloy wheels in a week or so. Already installed rearview camera, sidestep, rearguard, and scuff plate logo light from the showroom.

The rear camera shows grainy video on the screen which is a limitation of either camera or display resolution. Also, the reverse navigation lines do not move with the steering turn and keep straight. Other accessories are good. I highly recommend buying the car cover from Mahindra as it has a perfect fitting. I also got 7D mats from elsewhere.

Currently, I am getting TPU & paint protection film done on the car. I got that done on my Harrier last month and feel that is a good investment for preserving the paint.

That’s all for now, hopefully, I will find time to write a detailed review in the near future.

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