Range Rover unveils ‘Lansdowne Edition’

Bespoke spec limited to 16 cars, priced at a quarter of a million each…

By Matt Bird / Wednesday, 8 February 2023 / Loading comments

Last time there was a £250k, SV-badged Range Rover around, it was the old two-door Coupe project that was ultimately cancelled. Pity, that one always seemed quite cool. Now the SV badge is back, on this ‘Lansdowne Edition’ of the new Range Rover.

Described as showcasing ‘Range Rover’s distinctive, refined design’, the Lansdowne Edition has been revealed at a freshly redone Mayfair showroom. Which might explain why there are more pictures of the boutique than of the car – we’ll attempt to track some more down. The spec of the new SV is ‘inspired by Mayfair’s iconic architecture’, with Lansdowne Grey Gloss outside and a Rosewood interior.

Additionally, the Range Rover gets metal script badging front and rear (hand crafted by Fattorini, Britain’s oldest family-owned jeweller, don’t you know, so careful at the car wash), 23-inch wheels, a Corris Grey Gloss roof that’s apparently a contrast with the other grey, plus the event suite boot with leather cushions. It’s all very plush, just like the Mayfair showroom. If only we could see a bit more of it.

As well as the SV Bespoke Rosewood and Ebony upholstery, the interior of the Lansdowne gets Moonlight Chrome accent finishes, mohair carpets and illuminated treadplates with ‘SV Bespoke – Lansdowne Edition 1 of 16’ script. Good job there’s plenty of space in the door for that.

Interestingly, all 16 of the new Ranges were spoken for ahead of the reveal, each costing £250,000. Still, lovely new showroom to pick it up from, at least. Expect plenty more showrooms like Mayfair, too, as the company moves to a direct-to-customer-agency model by next year. Range Rover says the switch will ‘elevate customer experience both in showrooms and online.’ Fingers crossed that includes a few more car pictures, too.

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