Radical upgrades SR3 XX and SR10 for 2022

Radical Sportscars has re-engineered its track cars to accommodate an optional halo device

By John Howell / Friday, December 3, 2021 / Loading comments

These days, we hear plenty of doom and gloom: firms struggling with the continuing effects of Covid-19 uncertainty and supply chain woes etc. So it’s nice, on the odd occasion, to be able to report the seemingly rare good-news stories, such as the booming sales at Radical. A few months ago, were wrote that the fifty SR10s had been delivered in just nine months, and, like any conscientious firm, Radical is reinvesting its well-deserved profits back into the product.

Both the SR10 and the SR3 XX track-day and racing specials have received a number of upgrades covering handling, performance usability and safety. Starting with the latter, you can now option a ‘halo’ head protector for both models that has been designed and manufactured to FIA specifications. As with single seaters, this device massively reduces the risk of head injuries from airborne debris and airborne cars – just cast your mind back to Hamilton and Verstappen at Monza for proof of that.

Alongside this, both cars have enhanced cockpit ergonomics. There’s a higher steering column that benefits visibility and you can specify power steering to help with endurance. To assist those of us who are larger than the typical racing driver, a more accommodating driver’s seat is available as well. And if you like to study data to gain an advantage, another option that’s been added is for a second, dash-mounted digital display to compliment the screen on the steering wheel. You can use this to access the car’s telemetry and it provides video to assist with driver training.

On the handling side, developments include the no-cost option of more durable cast suspension uprights that extend the component’s service life. To speed up trackside set-up changes, Radical’s Works race team has developed new camber shims that ‘allow owners increased scope to tailor the SR3 XX or SR10 to their driving style, circuit set-up and track conditions via easy adjustment of the ride height, spring rates and turn-in.’

Some of the changes are limited to the SR10 only, though. These include an engine remap (developed in-house) for the Ford EcoBoost 2.3-litre turbocharged engine. This pushes the car’s top speed to a gear-limited 180mph and drops the 0-60mph potential to just 2.4 seconds. If you’re concerned about the SR10’s stopping potential, that can be improved with a larger brake kit. The kit includes upgraded disc and pad materials so combined you end up with shorter stopping distances and better heat management to reduce fade

The 2022-spec cars are available to order now and first deliveries are expected to happen early next year. And if you’re interested in the racing, Radical has also just published its provisional race calendar for next year. Just head to the company’s website to view it.

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