Queen Elizabeth II’s Bentley Mulsanne for sale

And didn't she spec it brilliantly?

By Matt Bird / Wednesday, April 28, 2021 / Loading comments

How often have you seen ‘former celebrity owner’ in a car advert? And how often has the car in question had a chunky premium attached to it because someone from Hollyoaks drove it for a year? Exactly. Typically, it means very little, a dubious and cheeky excuse to jack up an asking price. But every so often, there is a notable name in the vehicle’s past: sports superstars, A-listers, rock royalty… or, er, real royalty, as it turns out…

This was the Queen’s Bentley Mulsanne. Which is not a sentence you write every day. This was her Buckingham Palace Mulsanne, in fact, which is also not a regular utterance. Whenever Her Majesty updates her wheels, two identical cars are commissioned – one to be used at Windsor, and one in London. Having sold the Windsor car in 2019, the same dealer is now offering the Buckingham Palace Bentley.

Doesn’t it look great? In Barnato Green with Twine main leather, Burr Walnut veneers and – get this – non-tinted windows, it’s a traditional spec that the Mulsanne wears with aplomb. As a 2013 car (i.e., before the Speed was introduced) this is a plain old 505hp Mulsanne, albeit using the same monumental 6.75 V8 as the more powerful model. Unsurprisingly, this car has covered a miniscule mileage – just 2,000 since 2013 – as, however lovely the back of a Mulsanne undoubtedly is, there’s presumably not really that far that needs to be driven in London when you’re the Head of State.

Having been in royal service from 2013 to 2015, the Mulsanne has clearly been used very sparingly in the half a dozen years since. Having been maintained by Jack Barclay Bentley during its time in the royal household, the service history has been kept on schedule with main dealer check-ups to this day. As well as a nice piece of royal history for those that are interested, it’s also looks a wonderful Bentley.

With the new models coming thick and fast out of Crewe, it can be easy to forget what a mighty car the Mulsanne was. It didn’t so much head the Bentley range as command it, a colossus of a luxury saloon loved by all who experienced it – from front seat or back. We would have to assume that Her Majesty felt similarly; there really aren’t many finer ways to travel, in London or anywhere in the world, than in a Mulsanne.

It should come as little surprise to find the ownership history of this Mulsanne means a premium has been attached. It’s for sale at £179,850, which is an unheard-of amount for a standard model – this Speed has a similarly negligible mileage and is £30,000 less. This Extended Wheelbase is for sale at the same amount, too. Those that could tolerate a Mulsanne with 5,000 miles could buy a Speed for £90k. Which, even were it not half the price of the featured car, seems extraordinary value.

But, really, questions of value don’t really come into the discussion around Queen Elizabeth II’s Bentley Mulsanne. Those that want it and can afford it will own a piece of royal history that’s far more interesting than anything usually fawned over by experts, and a lovely Mulsanne to boot. A splendid way to spend the cash, then, if you ask us.

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